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Aluminum checker plates and checker plate profiles are ideal for protective and decorative cladding on pick-up truck loading areas. Even the entire trailer structures are not a problem for our checker plate range – nor are the height of the tailboard, toolbox, loading ramp, or lorry and trailer wheel cases, etc.

You can also use products to protect and decorate your car's interior – and give your vehicle a sporty feel (interior door cladding, foot mats, dashboards, footboards, seals, etc.). You can find the best aluminum box made of checker plate from several online source.

Checker plate Aluminium Box

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Checkered plates, profiles, and other profiles of our vast combitech range are excellent for building campervans as well as boxes and alcove structures for porches and canopies to protect against bad weather and sunlight. 

All in all, an aluminum checker plate is the ideal material for outdoor use thanks to its exemplary properties such as being non-corrosive, lightweight, hygienic, easy to clean, lightfast, UV resistant, non-slip, etc.

The checker plate angle profiles and U-profiles act as vertical supports to which the shelves are screwed or riveted. The shelf panels themselves are made from checker plates and stabilizing checker plate angle profiles or U-profiles. 

However, they can equally be made from other kinds of sheet metal or wood. In this case, the checker plate angle profiles or U-profiles act as horizontal supports and decorative edge pieces.

All About Checker plate Aluminium Box