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Industrial facilities are prone to injury or disaster due to a variety of factors, including heavy machinery and slipping on concrete caused by spilled liquids. Warehouses, factories, and similar places have adopted signs to warn workers of potential dangers so they can take the appropriate actions. 

These signs are typically laid on concrete with epoxy or adhesive backing. This is because space is limited. For floor managers who are discerning, there are many options available. These signs can be combined into multiple categories. You can also visit customsignsaustralia to get more detail about factory safety signs.

factory safety signs

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The first group of safety signs consists of those that indicate a location and require employees to follow a specific behavior in order to avoid injury. You may be asked to wear protective gear such as safety glasses in areas where sparks or dust are likely to fly into your eyes. 

Other signs, such as Slippery When Wet, require that one be vigilant in areas where liquids or water splash on the ground. Watch Your Step signs are often placed near steps and stairs. There is always the possibility that someone will fall down if they are not careful. Some signs are prohibitive like the No Smoking sign on sections of house material that could catch fire.

The sign that directs facility traffic and keeps people from being hit by forklifts is another popular workplace safety sign. This function is best represented by the directional floor sign.

All About Factory Safety Signs Selection