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The production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) usually begins with the generation of mAb producing cells (i.e. Hybridomas are formed by the fusion of myeloma cells and desired antibody-producing lymphocytes (e.g. B cells). 

These B cells are usually sourced from mice. After cell fusion, a large number of clones is screened and selected based on antigen specificity as well as immunoglobulin class. You can get the best service of monoclonal antibody production online.

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After the candidate hybridoma cells are identified, each hit is validated and characterized with a variety of functional assays. Once the clones have been created, they are then scaled up to allow for additional downstream bioprocesses.

Monoclonal antibody services are also involved in the development of technologies beyond the current state of the art. This includes investigating the role of mouse genes in antibody responses, developing new robotic workflows, and integrating new devices into automated platforms.

A typical monoclonal antibody production process

Immunization of mice and isolation of splenocytes. Mice are given an antigen to immunize them, and then their blood is tested for antibodies. The antibody-producing cells are then isolated for in vitro hybridoma manufacturing.

Preparation for myeloma cell fusion – Myeloma is an immortalized form of cells that can be fused with the spleen to produce hybridoma capable of unlimited growth. Myeloma cells can be prepared for fusion.

Fusion- Myeloma cells are fused with isolated splenocytes to form hybridomas.

Clone selection and screening – Clones are screened and chosen based on immunoglobulin class and antigen specificity.

Functional characterization – Validate, confirm and characterize (e.g. ELISA for each colony that is potentially high-producing.

Expansion – Increase the number of clones that produce desired antibodies (e.g. Bioreactors or large flasks).

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