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If you are a dog lover, you must have heard about the Sodapup dog enrichment toys nowadays. These toys like licking mat for dogs help to fight boredom when you have to leave your dog at home and provide comfort when they’re feeling nervous. Lick mats helps to prevent certain behaviour in your dogs. To choose the best quality of licking mat for dogs visit online. SodaPup specializes in American-made durable natural rubber dog toys. We make dog toys for customers who want durable, natural products that are safe and USA-made.

Before buying these enrichment toys you have to check various things like dog’s mental and physical health also. You must know what type of chewer your dog is – the shredder, the inhaler, or the lover.

A toy that is too hard could damage the teeth while toys that are too soft could result in accidental ingestion of torn or chipped parts. So, one should avoid the dogs chew toys with strings, small beads, bells, wire. Always read out the labels before buying your dog toys. Or if you are not sure whether a toy is appropriate for your dog, the first person you should consult is your veterinarian.

Always make sure whatever you pick is a quality product for your dog. You must check out the following things:

  • Size and shape
  • Durability
  • Coating
  • Entertainment Value
  • Washability
All About Sodapup Dog Toys