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Animal welfare organizations are a goldmine for the media, as the recent Operation Knowzad exhibition has shown – the public loves seeing images of rescued animals with their loving owners or caregivers, and as a country that loves animals, very little has to do with cruelty to us. don't surprise or upset you. If you want to get information on an emergency pet fund, then you can click here.

This was seen easily in the action recently when a member of the public took a photo of a neighbor beating a dog. Hours after the video was released, the man in the focus of the video was followed by an angry crowd that had gathered outside the house.

His hate rally only lasted for hours. Such actions are a clear sign that our country is a fantastic place where animals are respected and treated well. any sign that this isn't the case and we respond with the occasional sense of disgust, anger, and outbursts of violence. But is this behavior just an ironic act that shows how blind we are to the outside world?

 Outside our shores, this action happens all the time. Every day animals in third world countries that are used as transport animals and/or working animals are abused and continue to work in hot weather with little or no rest.

These animals are not considered equals, but only as tools that need to be used and perhaps replaced. This mindset is born out of need, but cruel and tireless justice is still being done and given to these creatures. There are charities that help these animals, but they can't help all of them at the same time.

Animal Welfare – Is It Working?
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