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Realistic paintball guns definitely work like normal paintball guns. Paintball buyers, who like the realistic style of paintball guns will likely want to know whether they should spend money on buying realistic guns or not? Do realistic paintball guns offer more than just a heightened awareness of realism? 

Truth be told, in the past I would definitely recommend ditching paintball specialty items. Aside from the ghillie suit. Pretty much anything new to the paintball community is just for entertainment and it will not have any impact on the actual game. You can play paintball game in Santa Clarita at Paintball USA with the best equipment. 

Ultimate Guide to Paintball Games: How to Play Paintball - The Paintball Professor

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Real paintball markers have taken over the paintball community and are supported by everyone involved. Paintball sellers tend to sell these types of guns faster than they can get their hands on. And that's why an increasing number of paintball players are using realistic paintball markers as their weapon of choice.

Realistic paintball guns usually score well in every way, not to mention the reality of playing the "real" marker, an added advantage but perhaps not the most important factor in acquiring this type of firearm anymore. Real Action Paintball appears to have managed to create the freshest and most fun paintball product since Tippman invented the automatic paintball trigger.

The paintball community loves these types of firearms, but we are far from being exclusive personalities who tend to be very happy. Law enforcement agencies, along with the military, found interest in realistic paintball guns and are now ready to work with them for special reasons.

Are Realistic Paintball Guns Worth the Cost?
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