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A surgical approach to creating a V-shaped chin is invasive. Depending on the method, the healing of bone and related tissue could cause prolonged swelling and a lengthy recovery. The results from surgery are permanent as well. While that’s the right choice for some people, others want to see their desired changes without the total commitment to a lasting facial change.

Face slimming from allows for an almost pain-free experience. You may want a topical numbing agent applied to the skin before an injection, yet the needle used is so fine, it’s not described as overly painful, regardless of numbing.

There’s no downtime either! Masseter reduction patients are pleased to learn they can undergo their jaw-slimming session on a lunch break or after work and then immediately get on with their day. You may experience mild sensitivity in the area for 12 to 24 hours.


When compared to surgery, this method of facial contouring is the most cost-effective. The procedure can be done in minutes and doesn’t require the anesthetic or equipment associated with surgery. The use of surgical equipment, additional medical staff, and pain management are eliminated with this face-slimming treatment.

Your masseter muscles require more product than smaller muscles in other face areas. You can count on a higher cost per session than treatment of the forehead, yet the effects are expected to last longer than the typical 4 months.


The width decrease is usually visible within a few weeks after the injection. The effects can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and many people find they need less of the product injected each time.

Benefits Of Having A Face-Slimming Treatment VS. Surgery