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Body composition is a technique for representing what the body is made of. It contains fat, protein, minerals, and water in the body. It also shows weight more accurately than BMI. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and muscle-to-fat ratio.

Why is it so important?

Body and fat composition analysis are central elements to represent the well-being of the population.

Persistent childhood and adult obesity further increase the importance of understanding muscle-to-fat ratios for assessing current and long-term health.

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Some very important compositions that can be assessed using the body composition scale are listed below:

Muscle Mass: The weight of the muscles present in the body.

BMI: body fat based on the ratio of height to weight.

Weight: total body weight.

Bone Mass: Weight of bone mineral in the body.

Body Fat: Body fat refers to the amount of fat in your body.

Visceral Fat: Fat around the organs or intestines.

Subcutaneous Fat: Loose fat is visible just under the skin.

Water: Percentage of total fluid in the body.

Basal Metabolism: The minimum amount of energy the body needs to function properly at rest.

The body composition analyzer helps you to get to know your body better by providing accurate measurements through a series of sophisticated advanced algorithms and excellent bioelectrical impedance analysis concepts.

Body Composition Analysis – The modern assessment of health