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The first time you think about repairing a quartz countertop, you may be wondering about maintenance. Quartz is a man-made material and is developed to be one of the strongest and most durable materials out there at  

Quartz consists of about 6% natural gravel and a bonding agent and often wears out like granite. It is resistant to scratches, heat, mildew, and water. You need to take care of the quartz countertop just as much as any granite surface. 

Quartz requires very low maintenance. The work surface of the quartz is coated with a protective sealant. To keep the protective sealant intact, it is important to avoid using commercially available detergents that are abrasive, acidic, or alkaline. All you need is hot, soapy water. 

The shine of your work surface lies in the material itself, so there is no need for thorough cleaning and polishing. Keep in mind that your quartz countertop will be dirt resistant. Don't assume that it is completely stained resistant. 

It is advisable to immediately remove any liquid from the surface of the quartz which could stain ordinary surfaces. Over time, your desktop may become more susceptible to low-grade smudges as the protective material becomes less effective. This can be difficult to fix. 

In particular, it is advisable to immediately remove spilled acid – for example; Vinegar, grape, and orange juice. Sometimes prolonged exposure to such daily "acids" can cause discoloration, even on freshly sealed quartz work surfaces, as acids can penetrate the sealant.

Caring For Quartz Worktops in your Kitchen
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