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Are you trading with an underperforming pump? Are you trying to determine which centrifugal slurry pump will best meet your growing facility’s needs? When it’s time to replace parts or select a new pump, operation managers have many choices — and they go far beyond the basic horizontal, vertical, and submersible design options.

While these three are self-explanatory, many options exist within centrifugal slurry pump replacement parts & service, so knowing your slurry pumps and choosing the best options for your operation are imperative.

Basic slurry pump components

With six basic slurry pump parts and multiple options within them, it’s important you know how to identify and understand the purposes of each. The impeller, shell, and suction liner are the key components for wear life in the wet end as they determine pump performance; the remaining parts encase them.

By understanding the pumps in your facility and their parts, you’ll get to know their inner workings. You will also be better able to recognize when they need maintenance before wear causes issues. In addition to choosing the best parts for long wear life and reduced maintenance, you’ll be less likely to order the wrong replacement part and extend a shutdown.

Although a software can help you decide what pump is best for your operation in the first place, you’ll become more familiar with the spare parts you’ll need over time, how often you’ll need to replace them, and which you should keep on hand.

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Designs and Parts