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If a party is planned at your place then you must definitely try the simple and quick recipe. Chicken Tikka is amazingly tasty & would be prepared in much less time. Here is the recipe of it with the complete list of ingredients which are used to make it and the procedure step by step for making the fantabulous recipe.

The snack or starter recipe is a really delightful food item for every nonvegetarian as it is succulent & prepared by broiling method, which makes the dish nutritious & healthy at the same time. You can buy frozen pork legs online via

Chicken Tikka is an ideal dish for the events such as game night, buffets, kitty parties, and birthday parties, etc. as it gets ready in only forty-five mins.

To make the good tikka ingredients, make the marinade first by mixing together paprika, lime juice, coriander particles, curd, caraway grains, ginger-garlic paste, kasoori methi powder, cumin particles & chili powder in a big vessel.

Now, preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, clean chicken thighs properly in water & pat them dry. Chop them in bite-size pieces in a big vessel.

Drop the sliced chicken, bite-size onion pieces & sliced bell peppers in a bowl of marinade. Utilizing the hands, mix finely & put beside for around one to two hrs & allow them to marinate.

Post some time, thread the chicken onto the skewers, and then the onion & bell peppers. Brush oil on all of them.

Broil the chicken pieces alongside onion & bell peppers in the oven at high speed for like fifteen mins. Flip sides, brush the oil & broil for further more than fifteen mins. or until the chicken meat is browned finely.

Chicken Tikka The Mouth Watering Recipe For Occasions