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In today's competitive business environment, a successful CRM software solution cannot be implemented simply by installing and integrating CRM software applications designed to support the CRM process.

One CRM software solution application at can handle and manage your entire business. From lead and customer contact tools to billing history and group email management. CRM software allows you to keep all customer records in one central location that your entire business can access by managing passwords.

Front office CRM software systems are set up to collect data from customers for processing in the data warehouse. A data warehouse is a back office CRM software system used to execute and maintain customer orders. All customer information is stored in the data warehouse. 

Back office CRM software applications allow businesses to track sales, orders, and cancellations. This particular regression of the data can be very useful for a company's marketing department. Integrated CRM software systems are often referred to as "front office solutions". This is because they work directly with customers.

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