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The strength of the wooden beam is not in its width but its depth. Because it needs to increase the depth to increase strength. You can click on this link for timber roof trusses.

Flat roofs

Flat roofs must be rolled over to remove rainwater as quickly as possible. The direction of the threshold is determined by the position of the roof relative to other buildings or by its size or shape.

To get the falling pieces of fire, the roofs are attached to the top of the roof and the roof panel is nailed to it. The tooth pieces consist of long wooden cones that are nailed to the top of each block or different lengths of wood nailed to one block. 

Cone-shaped shots are used for chipboard-covered roofs and different bending depths for boards that are placed parallel to the roof pitch, so that deviation of the height of the board does not obstruct the flow of rainwater on a flat slope.

Roof truss

The milling cutter is a structurally designed framework based on the principle of triangulation. They mainly consist of the upper and lower tendon tissue, tension and compression, and devices for binding elements.

The knife is designed to carry the weight on the roof and move it to the nearest wall where the knife is placed. Farm triangulation depends on the range. The structural elements of the roof must be strongly connected because parts of the lamp are usually used.

Constructing flat roof and Roof Trusses For Residential Homes