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People who are depressed, whether temporarily or permanently, may find comfort in their dogs. Some animals, primarily dogs, have been mankind's best pals for ages.

Psychiatrists and psychologists recommend owning a pet to assist ease mental stress and symptoms of sadness. You can also look for the best animal welfare charities in San Diego via

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What Does Research Say?

There is substantial scientific evidence to suggest that keeping a pet keeps us sensitive and empathic toward the needs of animals, and hence helps us to have a similar outlook on life. The ability of our dogs to heal ensures that people who lack strong social support can discover a simple way to keep their emotions in check.

According to the findings, senior adults who had dogs as companions exhibited less or no signs of depression than those who lived alone. According to studies, seniors who have pets require less medical care and are happy and optimistic for the majority of their latter years.

Unconditional acceptance, affection, love, and constant company are all feelings that pets provide. These feelings aid in the development of a stronger sense of self and the elimination of negative emotions like worry and depression.

Touching/petting your pet, attending to its needs and interacting with it frequently all help to increase oxytocin levels in the brain. According to a poll, 74% of pet owners reported significant mental health gains after getting a pet. Therapy animals and pets can help people cope with social isolation, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy.

Different Pets Have the Same Calming Effect

You can choose between a dog and a cat when seeking for the finest pet to help you cope with stress and sadness. Fish and birds also work because, depending on their lifestyle and emotional needs, some people prefer to care for a bird or a fish.

While dogs keep you socially active, cats' playful nature makes them great for alleviating depression. Regardless of the animal you choose, the bond you share with your pet can help you feel less depressed and live a more normal life.

Depression – Can Pets Help Treat It?
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