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Nowadays, it is very common for us to rent a car from other companies to be used for business, leisure or just simply for a family use. We cannot deny the fact that we are very interested to those companies offering car rental with a good reviews and good services based on their previous renters.

The real question here is that, do car rental companies will include insurance on their rates or do you have to pay for additional for insurance in case you will cause damage to the car you are renting. Basically, when car is released from dealers, it will include a FREE insurance for first year. Then it is up to the owner if he will renew the insurance, provided it is not mortgaged to the bank. If the car is a loan from a financial institution like banks or lending companies, then it will require an insurance until the car is fully paid.

So, if you are going to rent a car make sure to ask for a copy of an insurance in case you will get into accident and it is up to you and the company what are your arrangements in case you will be using the insurance. The insurance should include car body insurance and the insurance for the passengers who will be using the car.

Do car rental companies include insurance?