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Steam cleaners have to clean not only the surface but also microscopically. Imagine all these bacteria, germs and viruses lurking in every part of your home. Your home may look clean, but these things can actually pose a serious threat to the health of you and your family.

If you have these cleaners in your home, do you still need disinfectants? This is a question that doesn't seem to have an absolute answer. Now you can easily buy the finest disinfectant cleaner online.

How often you should wash everything in your home, according to science

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As you can see, most of the detergents available today replace chemical disinfectant cleaners, so you usually don't need to buy them anymore. But it all depends on the specifications and properties of your detergent. When it was said to eliminate all pathogens in the home, disinfectants were no longer needed.

Plus, the steam from this detergent is hot enough to kill bacteria. Anything that produces steam can effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms that are invisible to our eyes. On the other hand, there are so-called "steamers" or "steam cleaners" which don't work very well at disinfecting. 

Some of these contain two tanks, one for water and one for cleaning or disinfecting solutions. The combination of the two forms a disinfecting solution. Some of them only use tap water for cleanliness and hygiene.

If there's not much or no steam – just hot water to remove the stain, it reminds you that you need a disinfectant. However, if steam is generated continuously, no disinfectant is required.

Do You Need a Disinfectant If You Have a Steam Cleaner?