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The thyroid gland is what can be described as butterfly-shaped. It is located at the bottom of your throat. The gland plays a crucial role to play in regards to the control of hormones. The two main hormones that the thyroid is accountable for managing are Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. They are made up of 3 or 4 iodine molecules each. Seaweed Sea Moss iodine is essential in the support of thyroid function.

It is the mix of iodine, which was taken up by the thyroid, along with the hormone tyrosine (amino acid) which creates Thyroxine as well as Triiodothyronine. You can buy organic Sea Moss to prevent thyroid. 

organic sea moss

The thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining and supporting an effective and healthy function in the following areas:

  • Digestive system

  • Heart

  • Cholesterol levels

  • Hormones, mood, and brain balance

  • Bones

  • Controlling the muscles

  • Organs of reproduction

  • Nervous system

Iodine is the main concentration found in Sea Moss that we can find an answer to. Iodine can be considered to be a food source for thyroid health. Incorporating seaweed into your diet every day can help in the health and function of your thyroid. This is crucial to improving general health.

Similar to all the medical information that we provide in this article, it is crucial to consult your physician or dietitian prior to making any changes to your diet. If you think your thyroid function might not be optimal consult your physician or dietitian about your particular situation.

Eating Sea Moss Helps To Promote Healthy Thyroid
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