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If your organization is considering reducing the size of an office setting or leaving the office altogether, here are some effective ways to get rid of office furniture, relieve stress while moving businesses with office removalists in Adelaide, and make the transition as easy as possible.

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Create office equipment

Acquiring office supplies is an important first step whether you are looking to sell, donate, or store office furniture and equipment. This is a great way to see what items a company has.

When someone takes a picture, document the condition of the work and note the dimensions. This is a useful way of seeing how much each item costs and making sure it finds a good home.

Sell your junk office furniture

When office furniture and other assets are sold, you can sell them to cover some of the lost income for the year. Once you have photos and information about each item, you can share those details with potential buyers.

You can then contact your local furniture retailer to see if they want to get everything off your hands at a reasonable price. As a last resort, try to list your item online via an in-market sales platform.

Donate the furniture to a local company or charity

Office furniture donations can be an important aid to public organizations that don't have the resources to equip their workspaces with new, high-quality goods.

Look for local businesses that can use furniture and equipment your business no longer needs. Or, find a charity that accepts this type of large donation. 

Agree on how and when items can be removed from the site

When selling or donating your old office furniture, come up with a clear logistics plan with the new owner. Because heavy desks and chairs around the conference room can be difficult to move and access to your office can be restricted, you need to know how and when to move items offsite.

Effective Ways To Remove Office Furniture During Business Reallocation