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Swimming is a great thing in your garden, especially during the hot summer. You can add value to your home and serve as a place to relax. Millions of people in the New Zealand enjoy and use their garden ponds to calm down and play.

But, pool owner can take various precautions to prevent this tragedy.

1. Install the pool cover

Automatic covering systems for inground pools in New Zealand should also be used when the pool is not used. When placed correctly, the lid prevents small children from entering or using the pool. For pool covers to be considered protective, you must adhere to guidelines that measure the standards for pool covers.

This guide ensures that the pool cover has undergone rigorous material weight testing so that anyone walking on the cover will not tear it. You must also pass a strict test on the edge of the cover. This means the lid does not allow pets or small children to get up or enter the pond standing or under the edge.

In addition, the pool protective cover prevents dangerous amounts of water from flowing from the surface.

2. Install the pool fence

In many countries, it has become mandatory to attach a new pool to the fence. The fence can prevent small children from entering the pool area without your knowledge. Although it will not stop intentional collapse, a simple fence with doors that close themselves, lock themselves, and hold children can prevent the tragedy.

When building a fence, make sure it really surrounds the pond. In this case, make sure the alarm is attached to the door leading to the pool or that they have their own locking device to prevent small children from reaching the pool area without realizing it.

Ensure Your Pool Safety