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Eyelash extensions increase the length and volume of an already existing eyelash. This gives you beautiful eyes with long lashes that define and give them definition. Each lash is individually glued with fakes made from polyester thread-like materials. It is surgical-grade glue. These eyelashes are different from fakes sold at drugstores. They can be used temporarily for those with thin or lost eyelashes.

In an eyelash extension parlor, eyelash extensions are professionally done. Each client is unique because each lash is different. Therefore, every extension is customized to meet their needs. Eyelash extensions are a complicated procedure that should only be left to the experts.

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False eyelashes can be clumped, but each eye needs between 30 and 80 lashes to achieve that flirtatious look. The glue is water- and sweat-proof, so the user can swim, snorkel, or ski without any problems. They usually last about a month but most customers return after two to three weeks for a touch-up.

These are some of the characteristics associated with eyelash extension:

False eyelashes attach to the real ones. Once the eyelash is gone, the extensions are removed. Reapplication is necessary.

Mascara is used to enhance false eyelashes. It blends them together to create a coquettish appearance.

Infections can result from the misapplication of hair lash follicles.

Although all these factors can make anyone question the product if the process is performed by someone who is skilled in the field it is safe and secure. They have the proper training and know-how to apply lashes safely and in a clean manner.


Eyelash Extensions The New Trend
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