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People in Switzerland love their wines so much that they export only a small part of them. The question is whether this is desirable or not due to requests from abroad. The Swiss consume a lot of imported wine from other countries, but also drink most of their own wine. You can also order the best Swiss wines online from Eurovin GmbH(also known as Beste Schweizer Weine online bestellen -Eurovin GmbH in the German Language).

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It's hard to find Swiss wines, especially in America where the dominant regions are Napa, Tuscany, and Boudreau. As a result, Swiss wine is foreign to Americans and to the rest of the world, including Europe. In fact, only about 1% of Swiss wine is exported.

The Swiss take very good care of their vineyard, which covers 36,922 hectares of land. However, attention to detail and vineyard care is not easy due to the high cost of producing wine in an expensive country and the hard work of growing grapes in some of Europe's highlands.

Wine in Switzerland is as diverse as the culture. Three different language areas can define Swiss wine; French, Italian and German-speaking areas.

Like most wine-rich countries, Swiss wine also dates back to before Roman times, around 800-600 BC. Through the Middle Ages, spread by Christian monks, and like other nations, they fought their way through phylloxera in the early 20th century, where they were forced to traverse their vines with American stock as medicine ("pepper").

However, this led to a decline in wine production in the mid-20th century. After this decline, Swiss wine has taken great steps to improve the quality of its wines and create its own identity.


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