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We know from numerous facts and figures that users have spent more time on their screens since the pandemic Covid has started. This has led to more people turning to game to combat boredom. This has created a floodgate of opportunities for gaming companies and game developers. 

We are seeing a rise in mobile usage because of lockdown and social distancing. This means that your brand has more opportunities to connect with customers and keep relevant. If your business is primarily offline, now is the time to reach your customers digitally. However, there are so many companies that build games for brands from advertising so as to get the attention of more customers.

Promoting Your Brand

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Game development can be used to:

Increase Brand Awareness:

These games allow you to use mobile devices to engage customers and promote your products. In the past, games were considered niche activities and brands would resort to this last option. However, we are starting to see a shift as more people have access to mobile devices and almost half of all mobile users now play games regularly. 

Customer Engagement: 

Digital ads are at their peak and consumers have stopped engaging with them. Social media marketing can now be complemented with games, which have proven to be an effective medium that brands can use. It is becoming increasingly difficult to engage customers via social media and digital ads. You need to be more creative in your approach and games can help you do this.


To advertise your products and services, you must reach your target audience. Mobile games allow you to reach your target consumer base, understand their needs, and provide quick service. Nearly 49% believe that in-game ads are better than social ads. Gamers prefer rewarded ads because they offer game tokens in return for watching an ad.

Gamification As A Marketing Strategy For Non-Gaming Companies