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Several factors should be considered while selecting the best roofing materials for your building for commercial roofs. Regardless of your geographic area, the building it is located in, metal roofing panels are the ones that expert roofing professionals recommend.

What makes metal roofing a better commercial roof?

After years of testing, research, and real-world scenarios that show that metal roofing outperforms the other materials coming to durability, value, longer useful life, and safety.

The material’s durability and longevity make it a cost-effective solution over the roof’s life while it is a significant up-front investment. The reflectivity of the metal roofing system contributes immensely to the energy efficiency of the building along with the economic benefits that go with it. A few of the most distinctive benefits included here are the increased value of the property and the reduced costs of energy.

Architects started using copper in the 3rd century BC, while the Romans used it to cover the Pantheon in 27 BC. Other metals include the galvanized steel and color-coated steel installed on buildings throughout the ancient world even before copper became the stand-out option.

Benefits of Metal Commercial Roofing

  • Longevity

The typical lifespan of a metal roof is about 50-70 years, with some metal roofs that last for nearly 100 years or more. Longevity is the one that makes metal the long-lasting material available in the market today. A properly installed metal roof will be lasting as long as the building lasts.

  • Durability

The buildings in areas prone to hail and high winds will benefit immensely from installing metal roofing since it dramatically reduces the likelihood of damages from weather events. Additionally, metal roofing will refrain from suffering from chipping, cracking, warping, rotting, or mold and algae growth. Metal roofing is highly durable, and most of the manufacturers offer a minimum warranty of about 30 years on the roofing material, with a few offering warranties to about 50 years.

  • Energy efficiency

Metal roofing uses thermal emittance and reflectivity. It helps reduce the energy load of the building, and it also saves quite a good amount of money on the monthly energy cost. The building’s energy efficiency can surely increase reasonably when the roofing is paired with above sheathing ventilation and solar-reflective paint. Generally, the metal roof will reduce the cost of summer cooling by about 10-25%.

  • Environmental benefits

Metal roofing is made out of recycled materials and is about 100% recyclable at the end of its long useful life. Furthermore, a metal roof is conducive to solar panel installations.

  • Quick, discreet installation

The commercial property owners often assert that the complete tear-off and replacement are quite not feasible due to the interruptions it would be causing to the ordinary business operations. Consequently, metal roofing is relatively light in weight and can be installed right over the top of the existing roofing system without complete wear-off. The new metal roofing system will offer longevity to the metal, making it Weather resistant and energy-efficient with less difficulty than other roofing systems.

  • Fire-resistant & Weather protection

Metal safeguards the building from exterior fire hazards such as wildfires or lightning as metal does not ignite.

Metal roofing will efficiently wick away the water by absorbing lightning and withstanding the hurricane-force winds. It will also be standing up for impacting damage. The snow will quickly melt and slide off in colder climates, thereby reducing the additional weight from the accumulated snow and pooling water.

  • Low maintenance

Get The Metal roofing panels are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Although it is more expensive than PVC/TPO or build-up roofs, you can save on maintenance costs. Mainly, metal roofing would need an occasional task of removing debris as it would pose a risk of clogging the drainage of the top. Metal roofs should also be inspected at least once a year with the help of a roofing contractor to make sure that the roof performs optimally and that there is no damage present as with the other roofing materials.

  • Aesthetics

Metal roofing is adapted easily to nearly every preferred aesthetics with the customization of the style, method of installation, and the color of the roof coating. Metal roofing can also mimic other kinds of traditional roofing materials while showing no signs of aging.

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