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Queen size mattress sets are getting a lot of attention from consumers these days as living rooms are getting smaller and smaller. After all, a mattress with a queen doesn't take up as much space as a king, making it an ideal choice for smaller bedrooms. For that reason alone and for nothing else, many people in the United States are more likely to buy queens than kings. You can get more information about mattress at

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Dimensions compared to other mattresses

This is literally the queen of the mattress due to its size. At 60 "x 80", a queen size mattress is the same length as a standard mattress and six inches wider than a double bed. The thickness will of course be different with the different materials used.

The Queen Mattress Set comfortably accommodates two adults, each with 30 inches of personal space. This should suffice for a non-specific person to have plenty of room to sleep. Queen is a better alternative to doubles – a common choice among couples at first. A typical full mattress can accommodate two adults, but is very tight.

For people who tend to go topless while they sleep, queens are also an ideal choice. There is more than enough room for a person to move around without fear of falling out of bed.

Due to its size, the queen size mattress is perfect for the small bedrooms which are the hallmark of today's apartments and even most homes. It can also be a good choice for guest rooms. Many households consider a king size bed too wide for their room because it takes up a lot of space. The queen should fit snugly and have less room for other furniture.

Guide to Queen Size Mattress Set
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