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A Facebook Chatbot, also called a ChatBot, is an online form of advertising automation. Facebook relies on chat bots specifically to enhance and personalise the online experience of using Facebook, and specifically for users in countries where Facebook isn't available. As a form of online marketing automation, Messenger Bot can be extremely beneficial for businesses both large and small.

If used correctly, a Messenger Bot will boost business performance by:

* automating communication between staff. Messenger Bots are ideal because they're already familiar with the idiosyncrasies of messaging, including emoticons and visual indicators of what's being said. This means that Messenger Bot can save time when two or more employees need to communicate. The bot can then relay messages across multiple networks simultaneously.

* Integrates with other apps. There are many different types of chat bots available and they can integrate with Facebook apps. These include Facebook's own apps like the News Feed, Events, Contact, Messenger, and Group. Additionally, these bot types can integrate with third party apps as well, which gives businesses access to the latest information and functionality on their customers more easily.

* Improves click-through rates. Facebook has found that using chat bots to communicate with customers improves click-through rates compared to manually writing out messages. Messenger Bots are able to pick up on facial movements and pick out specific keywords in conversations to ensure that messages get through faster than if the writer had simply written the message.

* Improves customer service. Facebook Messenger Bot is designing to chat away. This means that while a business owner is on the phone with one of their customers, a Messenger Bot is ready and is waiting to talk to them. These bot types can answer questions, give product information, suggest deals, make sales and even put a customer service representative on the line in real-time.

* Provides more efficient customer service. Many of the Facebook Messenger Bot types are equipped with a customer service function. This allows a business owner or business associate to call a specific bot back when they have a question or need help. Additionally, these Messenger Bot experiences allow a user to connect with a representative in real-time, which significantly reduces time-consuming transactions, such as filling out forms.

* Provides more efficiency to sales and support. Customers are using Facebook and Messenger Bots for everything from basic contact information to buying products on the Internet. Business owners and representatives are starting to notice that sales are up and customer support staff are more efficient because of the integration of chat bots. Many of the Facebook Messenger Bot experiences available today provide ease of use for both users and staff, which mean that the bot system is now more commonly used as part of support functions. Instead of spending time helping customers find out how to use the Facebook applications, support agents can simply use the bot when necessary.

As more businesses move their business online, they are looking at ways to increase efficiencies. Facebook Chatbot represent one way to do this. Chat bots are easy to set up, maintain and use for any number of social media interactions. If a business wants to maximize its brand and increase customer service, then using a Facebook Messenger Bot experience will definitely work. Facebook has recently launched a beta version of its chatbot platform, so businesses can get the bot system used for their own business needs before it is offered to the general market.

While Facebook is definitely the largest player in the internet space, it is not the only game in town. Google has recently introduced search marketing solutions that are powered by its own brand of chat Bots. Google's chat bots are proving to be very popular among search engine users, who love all of the personalized suggestions that are made available. Google's chat Bots have even surpassed the functionality of the popular Yahoo! Messenger Bot, making it one of the most popular and successful bots of all.

This type of integration is only the beginning. Google has yet to announce other major integrations with chat and voice applications. Other popular voices and messaging apps such as Skype are also using big-name celebrities to advertise their services through Bots. There is no telling just how far integrating these types of media will take businesses. However, there is no doubt that Facebook's new Messenger Bot will bring huge improvements to the way businesses interact with their customers.

If you own a business that uses Facebook to connect with customers, you should start working on integrations that allow your customers to chat with you through Facebook's Messenger Bot. You can also take advantage of the wide range of other great features that are included with the Facebook Messenger Bot, including Google Maps, built-in Google Suggest, a way for customers to tell their friends about special deals, discounts, and events. In addition to all of these great functions, you can also save time and money by taking advantage of Facebook's extensive customer support.

How Customers Can Save Time And Money With Facebook Messenger Bot Extensions?