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Everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts. It doesn't matter what they are doing, while playing sports, at work, or in athletics, everyone wants to be known for being good at what they do. Hence, you will find that in many areas of life there is a recognition reward to strive for.

Many well-known events, such as the sports Olympics and the Nobel Prize in multiple sciences, award the best and brightest in their respective fields with awards for their efforts in their fields. Discover more about custom trophies through

How medals and trophies affect our lives

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So, as you can see, medals are not limited to sports. Think about where you work. Undoubtedly there will be several types of employee recognition systems that reward employees who have done their best at work, such as the best employee of the month award, which can be presented in a variety of awards, most commonly used as a Shout award.

The medal or award itself is more than just a reminder of the person, who won it, that they achieved something. Once someone has won a medal or trophy they feel they need to add more to their collection and you don't have to look too far to see that this is quite common.

Think of Marie Curie, who won two Nobel Prizes in two very different fields of study! Michael Phelps, who won 18 Olympic gold medals and an incredible 22 medals in swimming!

To build a fighting spirit in children, children need to be allowed to play sports or participate in competitions as often as possible. This will not only help expose them to your competitors but will also encourage them to want to be the best among them.

How medals and trophies affect our lives