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Red light therapy is a technology that generates a little miracle in your skin by encouraging more than 24 positive responses at the cell level. The red, yellow and infrared LEDs are all effective in encouraging a younger appearance that looks awake and healthy.

Red LED stimulates collagen production, increases cellular improvement, and improves circulation. Because the blood content and water are high in your network, your skin can easily absorb red light which results in intense skin rejuvenation and cellular regeneration. You can visit Lake Norman Salt Spa and enjoy red light therapy.

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Red light therapy helps reduce lines and wrinkles, reduced age spots, reduce scar tissue, promote more skin tones. Infrared LEDs, which are naked with human eyes, are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and tissues than red and yellow LEDs fighting signs of aging by speeding up healing, refilling skin cells, and kicking the reparative process into the teeth.

Collagen and elastin are two important proteins in the skin responsible for bounce, firmness, and maintaining wrinkles in the bay. With the help of red light therapy you can increase the production of these two important proteins that produce faster skin with fewer wrinkles.

Aging is unavoidable, but with tools such as red light therapy, you can do something about it and push your skin to look younger and more alive. Red light therapy has more than 40 years of research that supports it and has helped countless men and women look younger without invasive procedures. 

How Red Light Therapy Can Make You Look Younger?