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Unfortunately, panels are not the only cost of residential solar energy. Installation costs (labor and installation parts) can be up to $10,000 on some roofs for residential power systems. Since you are spending a significant amount of money, it is important to make an informed decision about who you trust to install your expensive panels.

Most of the time, you will buy and install the panels and any solar-related parts from one company. This mass shopping has many advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious advantage is comfort. You can get it all in one stop. Another advantage is the financing options available from these large purchase and installs companies. Most of the large solar energy companies offer affordable financing if you have good credit. Also, many solar companies will deduct the cost of installation if you purchase the panels from them as well. You can also find reputed solar panel companies in Houston online, by visiting

A significant drawback is the tendency to stop "shopping" when you find a company that offers everything at once. Large solar companies also tend to charge higher fees for panels and offer an installation discount. You seem to save money, but if you look at the panels separately you will find that they are often cheaper to buy on their own.

As a shopper, your first concern with a solar panel installation company should be quality. The installation is effective and safe if everything is installed carefully and correctly. Furthermore, anyone offering to install must be 100% mortgaged and insured. The company should have a permanent installation crew as well, not a group of temporary workers who taught panel installation.

Obviously, your second concern will be the cost of installation. The adage that applies today is: You get what you pay for. Find a company that has a fair amount of experience (10 years or more), and is willing to show you past projects they've completed. A truly responsible company will allow you to talk to past clients.

How to Find the Right Solar Energy Company For Solar Installation
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