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A most common complaint people have is that the home swimming pools become almost useless in the winter. Because snow and hail falling from above can render the pool unusable.

Well, you can solve this problem and turn your pool into a retractable roof that can be used all year round by adding a high-quality retractable pool roof. People are often afraid of having to spend a little money to install a concrete and glass roof on the swimming pool. 

Such a step also ensures that in summer you will never enjoy the fresh, crisp air and gentle rays of the sun on your face. This is because the concrete and cement roof is a permanent structure that cannot be removed and adjusted in any way.

Instead, you should choose a retractable roof made of plastic, glass, asbestos with metal supports. In this way, your pool can be used all year round without losing quality. You can enjoy a picnic in the sun, enjoy the breeze at night and also use the pool in winter, even when it’s snowing outside.

You can set up several portable pool heaters to keep the pool water warm enough for you and your family to have fun even when it’s snowing. One of the biggest advantages of a retractable roof is that you can easily organize Christmas and New Year’s parties at home, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Just set up a few tables around the swimming pool and your guests can relax outside the pool area for dinner.

How to Use Retractable Pool Roof During Winters