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Every XR developer goes on the journey to find the best VR headset suitable to her/his needs. A few months ago we were trying to find out which one is the best VR headset on the market. 

It seemed like every headset from every vendor offered something special. You can find affordable hp reverb g2 lens via

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In collaboration with Microsoft and Valve, HP decided to release a light-weight headset PC VR headset and tried to include as many great features as they could.HP named the new headset HP Reverb G2 . They exceeded all our expectations in some places.

Display and Picture Quality

To put it simply, HP Reverb G2 knocks it out of the park with its astonishing and borderline photorealistic quality of the picture. And there are several reasons for it.

For starters, the new HP headset sports two full RGB stripes 2160 * 2160 p LCD panels and a 90 Hz frame rate. 

This resolution is currently one of the highest on the market, surpassing both Vive Cosmos (1700 * 1440 p) and Valve Index (1600 * 1440 p).

The colors are intense and vibrant, which makes you think that the headset is actually using an OLED display.

G2’s field of view is around 114 degrees, which is bigger than that of Oculus headsets and slightly smaller than what you have with the Valve Index.

In general, the screen door’ effect is far less than the original Reverb and any other WMR headset from the past.

HP’s Headset in the XR Marketplace
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