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The process of reducing your carbon footprint, or the footprints left by your pet can be a challenge especially in tough economic times. However, it's the times like these that you need to be more imaginative and conduct some additional investigation to find numerous ways to reduce your carbon footprint in caring for your pet. 

Here are a few easy ways to go about it:

Get eco-friendly pet toys  for your pet. Many toys for pets contain chemicals which are not meant to be consumed. A small amount of these chemicals in time could be harmful for your dog and there are many pet toy stores  from where you can get safe toys for your pet. Make use of organic and durable materials such as old clothing or sewing machines to turn something old into something cheap, safe and entertaining with your furry friend.

durable dog leash

Change the litter – Change to using biodegradable cat litter or baggies for your dogs. This will decrease your waste thrown into the landfill or make compost to plant your garden. It's not exactly a pleasant thought but it definitely makes the flowers flower!

Every effort you make toward being "green" can be not just beneficial for the environment, but also very healthy to your dog. Little or big men will feel more comfortable, live longer and will be more than appreciative of the efforts you're making. It's not hard to become a "green" animal owner. All you need is to begin!

Idea For Making Your Dog More Comfortable And Healthy