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Photo studio lighting allows photographers, professional and amateur alike, to maintain the right colour, contrast, brightness and exposure in images.

Photographic lighting equipment is a great photography tool because it helps photographers improve the quality of their photos. Different types of photos can be taken both indoors and outdoors depending on your needs, but these images may require editing, especially for professional photography. You can also avail the benefits of Professional Audio, Video, Lighting System Supplier in Singapore.

Lighting in a photo studio allows photographers, both professional and amateur, to maintain the right colour, contrast, brightness, and exposure in the images they take.

Complete set for indoor and outdoor shooting

Photo studio kits meet every photographer's needs when it comes to photo equipment. The sets we offer include chromakey green backgrounds, stand backgrounds, lighting sets for green screen lighting and tote bags.

Complete set for all needs:

This set includes two steel side mounts and a polyamide wrench. There is a 10-foot high background stand. The set comes with a chrome cake green background on the screen made of high-quality muslin. The fabric is 100% cotton and absorbs light and other reflections in photos.

These muslin backgrounds improve image quality and also help improve image editing. This kit can be considered as a complete photo studio kit as it contains everything a photographer needs for better photography. 

Lighting for the photo studio includes two tripod stands, two photo umbrellas, and two photo bulbs. A photo screen is needed to control the light falling on the subject when taking photos outdoors. This umbrella helps objects get the right exposure so the image doesn't have extra reflections.

Important Photography Lighting Equipment Tool