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Any disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans is zoonosis . The most common animals known to carry and spread zoonoses include the most popular skunks, bats, possums, foxes, coyotes and raccoons.

Raccoons are common carriers of rabies, leptospirosis, roundworms, and others. They can transmit this disease to humans and other animals, including pets. If you find raccoons in or nearby your home then immediately call best raccoon removal and trapping services in California.

raccoon trapping services

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Read on to learn about these common zoonotic raccoon diseases and what to do if you have a problem with raccoons on your property.

Vaccination is a great protection against accidental zoonotic contamination, especially if you live near forest areas, areas where there is a lot of wildlife, are often active outdoors, or work with animals. Also, always try to touch, catch, injure or provoke wildlife. You can't predict what a wild animal will do and what will catch it.

Rabies – The rabies virus is a well-known infectious disease that can be transmitted to humans. Raccoons are common carriers of rabies, a virus that affects the central nervous system. There is no cure for this viral disease once the animal is infected. Treatment is available and effective for people as long as medical care is given early. 

Leptospirosis – It is a bacterial disease that is usually transmitted through infected urine. Raccoons are common carriers, as are dogs, pigs, cows and rodents. Usually people do not show symptoms but still pass it on to others while other people become seriously ill. 

Know Regarding Zoonotic Diseases Spread By Raccoons