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Most homeowners request 2-3 estimates to compare companies, services, and prices when choosing a contractor to restore their log home. Contractors may offer various products and solutions such as oil-based or water-based stains, media blasting or power washing, full log, or half log home restoration. The price may greatly vary but keep in mind you are not always comparing "apples to apples". So, where do you begin…

Below are some ideas to consider when reviewing your estimates:

log home restoration

Verify License and Insurance

Check References

Small Local Company Versus Large Company Based Outside of Your Area

We are associated with both large and small companies and found it is not the size of the company or how far they travel that determines the quality of work or the satisfaction of the homeowner at the end of the job. We encourage you to entertain all your options and not let the size of the company weigh too heavily on your decision.

Time Frame

If you need to restore your home in the near future for a particular reason, ask when they are available to start. The time may vary due to weather conditions but most companies try to be as accurate as possible. Most restoration companies schedule months in advance. If you are interested in only a specific service such as media blasting, maintenance (light wash & top coat), or log repair they will do their best to schedule restoration jobs in your area.


Please remember, you may not be comparing identical services and products. Although you would like to spend the least amount possible, there is much more to consider. You may want to start with the details regarding the estimates:

-Are all estimates from licensed log home professionals with insurance and references?

-Do all estimates include decks, porches, railing, etc.?

-Are there log outbuildings or log garages included?

-Prep work (window covering, electrical, cable wires, etc.) included?

-Clean-up (removal of debris, media, and other work items) included?

-Are materials included in the estimates (stain, borate, caulk, etc.) included? -Written warranty regarding their work and your satisfaction?

Log Home Restoration Contractor – Making the Right Choice