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I know what you think about San Jose; think about forests, animals, and beaches. Adventure and nature lovers can also blow up the area. You can:

Most travelers don't see the point of visiting San Jose because there are many other locations in the area. But you might be surprised how nice this place is! You can choose various museums in San Jose for your kid to visit.

Avenida Central: Basically, it is a closed middle street and full of shops and some decent restaurants. The famous Mercado Central stands at one end and the elegant National Theater in the center.

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Mercado Central: This is the oldest and largest central market in San Jose. This is a must. You can have lunch while shopping to bring home special souvenirs. It's always full of excitement and activity. Hundreds of different products are available here.

National Theater: This is one of the most elegant and beautiful buildings in San Jose. He arranges various performances such as dances, operas, symphonic concerts, and more.

La Sabana Park: Like every city, San Jose has an extraordinary Central Park. There is a large man-made lake in the park with a beautiful cement path that takes you around it. But be careful, because it will be dangerous when it gets dark. So pack up before sunset.

Museum: My favorite is the children's museum, which is so big that my 5-year-old can't leave it after 3 to 4 hours! You can also visit the Jade Museum, the Museo National de Costa Rica, and the Museo de Oro Precolobino.

Places To See In San Jose