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Immigration plans are similar to a good business plan, you need to know your goals, what are the requirements to achieve your goals, have plans that anticipate every step, and run your plan. The more details of your plan, the more easily applied.

Find out your goals: Your general purpose is immigration to Canada. Specific goals will be under the immigration class you want to apply to. The immigration class where you can apply now is:

Family class: 

This immigrant class is for family sponsorship to Canada along with relatives such as parents, fiance, couples, or common-law partners. General legal partners are defined as someone with who you are in conjugal relationships and who currently live with you and have done it for at least one year.


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Federal skilled working class: 

This is the class that is most often used by new applicants for Canadian immigration. There is more flexibility here because there are not only federal needs for certain calls, but a number of provinces also have their own specific needs. If you qualify for one of these, the provincial government will help you in your application and in some cases push you closer to the top of the waiting list for application processing.

Provincial Nomination Class: 

In this classification, the immigrant perspective applies to provinces that have established needs. If you are in accordance with their immigration criteria, the province then helps in the application process. Provinces and regions share authority with the federal government and can track applications.

Planning Your Canadian Immigration