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It has been your dream to commemorate your wedding anniversary with a stunning diamond ring but truth be told, the diamond industry mainly serves the well-oiled pockets. A solution however lies in lab produced diamonds of Singapore.

These are essentially the closest one can get to the actual thing in that even experienced jewelers cannot tell the difference with the naked eye. These are available at a reasonable cost too; they are much more affordable than even the Moissanite diamonds.

Your anniversary ring, however grand or simple, should be a symbol of what is in your heart and not your wallet. On the other hand, diamonds are a girl's best friend. This dilemma can be solved by manmade diamond rings that have been carefully detailed even to achieve the coveted "hearts and arrows effect". Only one in a thousand diamonds can naturally achieve this effect and with it comes a heavy price tag along with socio-economic as well as environmental impacts. The search for anniversary diamond rings need not come with all these troubles hence the synthetic diamonds are tailored to near perfection.

Everything observed in actual diamonds i.e. the four C's of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are considered in these synthetic diamonds. Through cutting-edge technology, the downfalls of the Moissanite technique have been addressed to present diamond rings that are the closest to the real thing. You can be assured that experienced jewelers have brought in the best of their art to cut these anniversary diamond rings to perfection that can only be rivaled by the real thing. You need not worry about making your spouse the laughing stock of fake jewelry now.

Pocket-Friendly Sparkly And Eye Catching Anniversary Diamond Rings In Singapore