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Positive psychology is an ever-growing branch of psychology, and since its ethos is to get the most out of life, I think it can easily be used in counseling. For years psychology has been concerned with looking at problems and the question of whether something can be done about them.

 Somehow people have fallen victim to their genes and environment, and the best they can hope for is learning how to tread water. There's a lot more to positive psychology than that. Teaching people how to swim and how to swim well. We shouldn't just "force" ourselves. You can click on “lets connect” to get the best counseling and therapy services.

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There are many ways positive psychology can be used in counseling, and in fact, it often flows quite well into widely accepted techniques such as decision-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

For example, counseling and therapy help clients see what they have done in their lives by determining what is better for them and what has worked well in the past. The focus is on the solution, not the problem.

Meanwhile, Seligman's work on learning optimism is about recognizing useless thought patterns and learning to question and replace them. This is an important aspect of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In addition, positive psychology allows us to develop what is already in the individual, but the misfortunes and struggles over the years lead to the fact that the person can no longer recognize him. I see that positive psychology offers several techniques that can help people deal with when things go wrong.

Positive Psychology Therapy And Counselling