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It doesn't matter if you're marketing a biotech or pharmaceutical product, hospital, medical device, or another health-related brand creating content to promote a particular social media goal can be used for other social media channels and offline media outlets and vice versa. 

The cross-platform and cross-promotional opportunities are endless, and you can also take help in Social Media Marketing via MedTech Momentum and grab every opportunity to grow stronger in the market.

5 Healthcare Brands with Healthy Social Media Marketing Strategies

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As an example, let's say you're planning to exhibit at a forthcoming event.

  • Let your friends know about your participation by posting it on the homepage of your website.

  • Give more information on the conference microsite.

  • Send an email with a hyperlink on the microsite.

  • Encourage the participation of your customers in a preview edition of your electronic newsletter.

  • Keep your e-newsletter archived on your site.

  • Create literature to be distributed to attendees at the convention.

  • Include your website's URL in all of your literature.

  • Download PDFs of your publications on your site.

  • The conference will be announced via your page on Facebook. include the URL to your microsite.

  • Post pictures of your exhibit booth, or of yourself as well as your customers and colleagues to your page on Facebook as well as your website.

  • Make a post-meeting comment on the event on the LinkedIn page.

  • Invite contacts whom you have met at the event to connect with you via LinkedIn.

  • Send an email after the conference for your contacts, thanking all who attended the conference and looking forward to your next tasks.

  • Create an e-newsletter about your accomplishments during the conference.

These are only the most common examples. The objective is to disperse your message in all the appropriate media, both online as well as offline media, and to make the most of cross-fertilization.

Repurposing Social Media In Healthcare Advertising