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The unbelievable growth of the Internet, social media platforms, and online forums has provided authors with applicable opportunities to sell their books lucratively. Self Publishing authors are getting best-seller rankings and attracting mainstream attention.

Since the possibility of becoming a well-known author is available, it is important to research the resources to self publish your book. To do this, authors are to focus on three main sections of the publishing process.

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Self-publishing authors have the opportunity to choose which print service will help them reach their goal. Print-on-demand (POD) printing services print books for self-publishing authors. Since Print-On-Demand printers only print your books, the writer has to handle cover design, securing an editor, and the marketing plan. Some self-publishing authors favor POD companies because their prices are competitive and authors maintain control of the manuscript.

Talking about eBooks brings me to formatting and designing books for the Internet. Formatting manuscripts into eBooks sometimes mean excluding graphics that are in your paper versions. Book cover designs are also important.  Another cost consideration is an editor. As the author, it is easy to see what is not there. An editor will proof the manuscript for grammar, content, and comprehension.

Lastly, a marketing plan for your book is imperative. Self-publishing and traditional authors are accountable for marketing their books. Once an author is clear about the goals they intend to reach with their book, they can research which marketing strategies will best meet their aspirations. For authors not familiar with online marketing strategies, hiring a professional may be the way to go.


Self Publishing a Book the Right Way