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The details of the home have a personal meaning. The breakfast bar is dominated by tall white pillars that stand proudly to the left and right. Yellow halogen lighting shines down onto the space in Old Tuscan style.

An older home's crown molding is white and shows the homeowner appreciates craftsmanship and enjoys extravagant things. Round doors have a warm Mediterranean feel that welcomes all who enter. Interior design is truly architecture. Architectural lighting design has the power of shaping our moods.

architectural lighting design

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Architects can create a storyboard that includes past additions. This will allow you to see the innovative designs that made it what it has become today. High-quality materials are essential to "build for the future." To "detail for authenticity", molds, roofing, windows, and other details should be matched to the original character of the house.

Wood, stone, and pine have a unique vibe that synthetic materials can't match. It's fine to keep some elements of your home vintage or weathered, such as old bricks, salvaged mantles, or antique doorknobs. This is called "creating the patina of age." The home must be equipped with modern heating, plumbing, and air conditioning.

The study of architecture interior design is constantly evolving. People are looking for homes that maximize space and have open floor plans that allow for family interaction, but also offer privacy. The bathroom design trend is towards creating spa-like bathrooms with dual-head shower stalls and double vanities. 

Innovative kitchen designs almost always include a functional chef's nook or breakfast bar. Living rooms are designed with large windows, high ceilings, and unusual colors. Future trends point to innovative designs.

Shape Your Moods with Architecture Interior Design