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You've come to the right spot if you are looking for summer lawn care tips. Our lawns have a difficult time in the summer. The lush green lawns of spring have been replaced with dry, half-dead grasses. By choosing the highest quality lawn care and maintenance service, you can save your lawn plants from dying.

How can you get the best out of your lawn, and keep it healthy through the summer? These are some lawn care tips that will help you achieve your goals.

Do not cut too much grass. It can be tempting to cut the grass too short when you're near summer but are still trying to endure the rainy season. The rain can make it grow a foot in just two days. As summer draws near, adjust the height of your mower blades.

Your lawn should be at least 3 inches high, or even higher. Lawns kept at a higher height can root more deeply than lawns kept at a lower level. Lawns that are not as cut will dry out slower because the roots of lawns are longer and have access to water deeper below the ground.

You should be consistent in your lawn-care routines. Some homeowners are prone to waiting until their lawns die before watering them again. This creates too much activity in your grass.

You must make sure your lawn is hydrated as often as possible if you want it to remain green and lush throughout the year. It may not be possible to keep your lawn green. If so, then you can accept that fact and let it go dormant until the next season.

Summer Lawn Care Tips For Every Homeowner In Abbotsford BC