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Tables often act as the centerpiece of a living room or kitchen, they must be kept in a virgin state. 

Some materials such as marble or plastic are easy to clean, but more fragile elements like wood can easily be ruined if bad methods are used. You can also get help from an expert for professional table cloth cleaning.

Below you will find tips on how to take care of your table.


You must regularly wipe your table with a dry cloth immediately after use. Never use a damp cloth soaked on the wood, as it will leave spots and marks on the surface. 

If a sticky substance does not come off with a dry cloth, you can start it a bit, but make sure it dries the area after.


If you want to keep the surface of your brilliant and shiny table, use the dough wax. You should periodically wax the wood to protect and give it a better appearance. 

Wax hair removal takes time, but it does not need to be done often. In general, simply do once a year, although twice more can be required if your table is constantly used.

Preventive measures

A great danger for any wooden structure is termites. If you find termites in any furniture in your home, immediately delete this room from the neighborhood and look for termites in all other wooden structures nearby. 

If there are termites in your table, the best way to delete them is to use a bug spray or termite poison. However, these methods should not be used so that people eat.

Take Care Of Your Table With The Help Of Professionals