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A retractable patio awning is an awning covering that is attached to the side of a building which can open to give shade, and retract allowing sunlight into the terrace area. They are perfect if you would love to sit outdoors and behold nature's beauty without getting excessive ultraviolet exposure from the sun.

These retractable shades are made of very sturdy structures and are highly durable. Retractable patio awnings are usually made of flexible materials like acrylic cloth or canvas which change in density.  To get more information about the retractable outdoor awnings visit

retractable outdoor awnings

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These covers are affixed to wood, vinyl or metal components that allow the awning to be retractable. Some versions of retractable awnings are motorized while some are manually cranked in and out as the occasion calls for its usage.

Retractable awnings are particularly good for use on patios. Retractable patio awnings can add a great decorative touch to enhance the beauty of patio gardens. These devices are of course as functional as they are beautiful. 

They also can be used during light bouts of rain, which in itself may save your patio gathering. The retractable awnings also act as a form of security for your house by blocking sunlight and preventing harmful ultraviolet rays which otherwise could be fading your carpets, furniture and rugs.

Retractable patio awnings are very affordable, and add value to your home. You can even find retractable patio awning kits which you can install yourself.  These awnings are rather flexible and come in a wide array of cosmetic colors and designs and it enhances the attractiveness of your house.

The Advantages Of Installing A Retractable Patio Awning