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If you own a building, whether it be your personal home or a commercial building, there are several things that you will want to know about the structure. A strata inspection report is an important tool that can provide insights into how the building has been constructed and maintain its structural integrity in different situations. 

In this article, learn what a strata inspection report is and how to use it to ensure that your building is safe! Moreover, there are so many online companies such as that provide software for your convenience in the creation of strata inspection reports.

Building Inspection Reports for Strata - Strata Community Association (NSW)

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What is the Strata Inspection Report?

It is a report that is created after the strata corporation has been formed. It is prepared for the council to monitor the behavior of the owners. The act of preparing this report is mandatory and any owner must also sign off on it in order to get it processed. This is an important document because it ensures that all members have been notified about the rules, regulations, and other requirements set by the corporation.

Types of reports:

There are three types of strata inspections reports. The first type is the regular report, which should be completed for all strata units that have at least four days of rental or occupancy after an emergency has been declared and an evacuation plan has been put in place. The second type is the interim report, which is completed when there are evacuations due to a fire or other emergency event. The third type is the final report, which should be completed once a new strata lot becomes ready for occupation.

The Importance Of A Strata Inspection Report