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Brisbane Earthmoving Companies


Comprising of designers, architects and heavy machines make up the construction industry. Heavy-duty machines are those machines that allow a construction project to work efficiently, quickly, and in an easy manner. If you’re wondering what machines are widely used in the construction industry, these are some of the most popular ones.

  1. Excavator – Digging the ground is mainly done by the excavator. Along with the digging part, the excavator if required can also be used for demolishing a structure and land clearing.
  2. Loader Backhoe – Another popular heavy-duty machine that can do ground digging in the loader backhoe. Along with the digging, the loader backhoe is also used for pushing the dirt to one space however, this heavy-duty machine isn’t used for larger projects.
  3. Bulldozer – Probably the most popular choice of heavy-duty machine in the construction industry is the bulldozer. Widely used for larger projects that can get work done for pushing a large mass of ground along with ground flattening. All the work done by the bulldozer is due to comprising of blades. However, this machine is known to come in different sizes where every operator needs to undergo proper training before handling one.
  4. Dump Trucks – As the name suggests, these are trucks that help in transferring of waste material from the construction site to another location. Along with transferring of waste material, these trucks can also help in transferring useful materials to the worksite with ease.

These are the machines used by many earthmoving companies in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

The Most Used Heavy machines in the Construction Industry