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A Facebook Chatbot is basically a Chat Bot that automates the shopping process for you as it may pertain to the orders, returns, etc. Chat Bots help automate the repetitive process of several client service requests, such as filling out forms, asking questions, or making changes. By using a chat box for most of your interactions with customers, you are able to save valuable time. Furthermore, this will allow you to expand your customer base since Chat Bots are now available in most languages across the world.

Amazon recently announced that it plans to revolutionize its customer service by introducing an interactive bot. This is the second application from the e-commerce giant to introduce an automated bot feature on its messaging apps. The first one was Customer Connect, which lets customers chat with a representative via an app, making purchases or sending feedback. With the introduction of Amazon's Chat, customers can now ask questions straight from the automated bot system, which would previously have been directed at a customer care representative or a store representative. This move will surely revolutionize customer service at Amazon, as most individuals would rather perform their bookkeeping tasks through automated bots, particularly those who don't have the patience to go through a long drawn-out conversation with someone who isn't actually there.

Apart from this, Google already revolutionized its messaging apps years ago, namely Google Talk. This allowed Google to provide an instant alternative to emailing your friends. Google Now, on the other hand, is another amazing example of an automated bot revolutionizing customer service. It has artificial intelligence with voice recognition that predicts what your next action will be. This means that if you want to invite a friend to a particular event, you just say "invites" and it will automatically send him an invitation via Messenger. Furthermore, if you are stuck somewhere and want to chat with someone, you just say "talk", and it will connect you to that person within seconds.

Apart from these two revolutionary examples, Google's bot is also used in a different way. As part of the research and development group for the project called "Google Brain", several companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, and others, have been working together in order to make a bot that will chat using natural language, making it very similar to the Facebook Chatbot we all use every day. This is why Messenger Bot is very important to internet users today. Apart from its ability to chat using keywords, Messenger Bot can now connect with other Google products like the whole foods shop. If you want to buy whole foods or groceries from a popular online store, all you have to do is go to the grocery store's home page, select the store, and then follow the prompts.

In many chat, you can simply type in what you want to buy into the search field, and it will give you options from different stores and brands. The bot will then connect with your account. Once connected, you will be given options to purchase the items. The software is currently being tested on a limited number of accounts at present, and only certain products are being added. However, according to many experts, this new feature will help marketers increase their clientele and customers in a more convenient manner.

Apart from providing excellent customer service, Messenger Bot can also perform other tasks. Unlike other automated chat programs before it, Messenger Bot will not talk to you, it will actually look at what you are typing. Therefore, it will be better if you do not answer every message that it sends. You will be able to respond to messages that you think are important instead of focusing on typing the rest of the message. Manychat users have reported that this feature reduces the occurrence of repetitive messages that take a long time to be read.

Apart from shopping and Whole Foods, another use of Messenger Bot is for digital marketers. This digital marketing company uses Messenger Bot to promote their products through chat. When using the bot for digital marketers, a user will be able to type the name of the product, and a screen will come upon the front page of the chat that allows you to choose various options such as location, price, and discount. A welcome message will also be displayed when you first start to interact with the bot. Since it does not speak, this feature is also referred to as "non-verbal communication."

In the coming years, these digital marketing bots will revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. These new types of bots will be able to perform tasks that will help you connect with your clients on an easier and more efficient level. Since Messenger Bot was developed by Google, it will probably become the most popular bot among other Chat Bots. Moreover, sephora has acquired the rights to market the Messenger Bot.

The Revolutionary Messenger Bot