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Before purchasing a coil binding machine it's a good idea to study the various models available in the marketplace today to make sure that you're getting the right machine to meet your requirements. For smooth binding, you can also hop over to this website to buy Heavy-duty planner coils online.

With the variety of coil binding machines available, choosing the most suitable coil binding machine may be daunting. Below are six of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when choosing a model of coil binding machine.

  1. Coil Inserter The coil inserter motorized roller is utilized to automate the process of inserting coils. As the wire is put against the roller as it spins it twists and then moves forward through the holes of the document. 

While it is feasible to insert binding coils made of plastic manually, an electric coil inserter can greatly increase the speeds at which the coils are placed. Therefore, choosing a machine with an integrated coil inserter can be valuable in manufacturing environments.

  1. Long Punching Distance/Open Throat While the majority of users will be binding only letter-sized documents Some users might require binding larger sheets. Some coil binding machines can punch sheets that are larger than 11" and it is crucial to be aware of the stated maximum length for punching. 

Dis engageable Pins permit users to disengage punching dies to leave certain holes not punched. This is extremely beneficial when working with different dimensions of documents or with special paper (such as punched with three holes).

Things To Consider When Purchasing Coil Binding Machine