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Creating a good travel guide book is a lot easier than you might think. There are plenty of publishers taking submissions for this kind of work and you do not need to have an exceptional literary style in order to become a published travel book author. The following article will help you get your travel guide book published.

Work on creating a quality travel guide book. It is best to write about a destination you have actually visited in the past so you can make helpful recommendations and perhaps add some fun anecdotes to your book. If you took some good pictures during your trip here, don't hesitate to add them to your manuscript. Format your manuscript to the result look professional and register your book through the Copyright Office. Copyrighting your book is the best way to make sure that the publishing houses you submit your manuscript to will not use your work without your authorization.

Look for publishing houses that are currently accepting submissions for travel guide books. Travel books are popular and you will find that many publishers are looking for this type of manuscript. Some publishers are interested in any kind of travel book while others look for guides on a more specific destination. There are publishing houses databases you can check to find calls for submissions or browse through the official sites of different publishing houses.

Read the call for submissions you find very carefully. Sending a manuscript actually takes some time and might cost you something if you mail it. You need to make sure that your work corresponds to what the publisher is looking for and take the time to format your manuscript according to the publisher's expectations. Most publishers will not even look at your submission if you do not follow their guidelines.

Do as much research as possible about publishers before you send them your manuscript. Make sure you send your manuscript to a publisher who has a good reputation and if possible a well-established line of travel guides. If you cannot find a lot of information about a publisher, if they are based in another country or if you cannot find any of their titles for sale anywhere in bookstores or online, it is best not to submit your manuscript.

Consider self-publishing your travel guide book if you cannot find a publisher. Self-publishing your book on the Internet is an easy and cost efficient way to launch your career as a writer. You can for instance format your manuscript as an e-book and list it on Amazon or on other online bookstores. E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular and tourists are likely to carry one of these devices or even to read your travel e-book on their Smartphones instead of carrying an actual book with them.These tips will help you get your travel guide book published. Take all the time you need to create a quality product and look for a reliable publishing house for your book.

Top Five Tips To Publish A Travel Guide Book
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