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Criminal law defines assault as the act of causing harm to another person. This includes violence. It can be a crime that involves the physical torture of the other person.

It all depends on the laws of the country in question. Offenders can be punished depending on the jurisdiction. This can only be used in certain countries, such as the USA, to refer to any type of violent threat. These are just a few examples of assault lawyers that can help you find the right one for you. You can contact a top-rated assault lawyer at

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Criminal Assault Lawyer

People who have been accused of murder, assault, family violence, or embezzlement are usually represented by criminal assault lawyers. A criminal lawyer is necessary to protect your rights throughout the legal process. In Denver, a criminal lawyer who has the necessary expertise and experience in this field is advisable as there are possible penalties such as imprisonment, mandatory treatment, fines, and probations.

Attorney for Civil Assault

In Denver, an attorney for civil assault helps victims to recover damages for their injuries. He attempts to persuade the judge to favor his clients. Even if there was no serious injury, a skilled and professional civil assault lawyer will be able to recover all damages.

Advocate for Aggravated Assault

Another type of physical attack is "aggravated assault". This is when someone causes physical harm to another person through kidnapping.

Types Of An Assault Lawyer in Denver
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